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One show, double bill with Bruce Springsteen and the boys headlining and the James Montgomery Band opening. The College had originally contracted John Sebastian as the sole act for this evening - but he cancelled a couple of weeks before the gig and the Student Concert Committee was able to procure both Springsteen and Montgomery's services for the same price. Montgomery opened with a 60-minute, Chicago blues-dominated set. Springsteen's show lasted 90-minutes and included a triple encore, finishing with "Twist & Shout". "Courtesy of Hobart & William Smith College Archives"


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This is poster from a concert the band didn't make it to.

Steve Miller Band 5/4/73

The show was sold out in advance (despite some protests over the $2.50 ticket prices for students...usually from kids who actually had a lot of money) so everything was looking good until early afternoon the day of the show. The James Montgomery Band was canceling – lead singer James had a bad throat. The band was getting a buzz as Boston's answer to the Allman Brothers (they were even signed to Capricorn but hadn't put out an album yet) so we were disappointed. I made a few calls, was offered a few unappealing solo acts (Chi "Thunder and Lightening" Coltrane was one - now Alice C. would have been a different story) and decided to just go with Steve Miller. - Bruce Eaton


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