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logoThe Reel Blues Fest
at Cape Cod Melody Tent, 2004

Sunday, August 8, 2004 -4 PM - 10:30 PM at the

Featuring live music from

Dickie Betts

Koko Taylor

G. E. Smith


with many other blues favorites on the bill

and featuring music films

"Growing Up On Tour: A Family Portrait"
by Anna Gabriel (who will be in attendance)

In 2002, musician Peter Gabriel hit the road for a world tour following the release of his album Up, and the shows unwittingly became a family affair -- Gabriel's new wife and baby son joined him on the road, while one of his daughters signed on as a backup singer with his band. Gabriel's eldest daughter, artist and filmmaker Anna Gabriel, tagged along to make a film about her family's travels and her father's music. Growing Up on Tour: A Family Portrait was the result, a behind-the-scenes look at a famous and influential musician (who also happens to be a husband and father) as he manages his relationship with his loved ones while performing his music for thousands of fans each night. ~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

"Los Zafiros: Music from the Edge of Time"
by Lorenzo DeStefanos

Los Zafiros were born under the backdrop of the Bay of the Pigs invasion in the early 1960s, when five young men from Havana decided to form a band. The result was a grand fiesta of doo-wop with a spicy Latino flair. This heartwarming story takes the audience on a nostalgic journey through the joys and struggles of this unique and amazingly talented group. There is plenty of magnificent tropical footage throughout—including calm, white-sand beaches with vibrant, turquoise waters and colorful, bustling marketplaces. There are interviews with some of the band’s former crew members as well as DJs and fans.
Los Zafiros were impeccably-dressed with perfectly-choreographed routines. They rode wild on their vocals and presentation, with minimal instrumental backup. Their exquisite music is passionately-rendered, with a remarkable collective vocal range. When it’s not upbeat and danceable, it’s deliciously romantic.
The narrative of the two surviving band members (Miguel Cancio and Manuel Galbán) peppered throughout is my favorite thing about this movie. There is a wonderful series of scenes, in which they visit the gravesites of Ignacio, Chino, and Kike and hold small festivals—(a la El Dia De Los Muertos)—eating, drinking, and singing a capella in celebration of their brothers. Another memorable scene has Miguel and Manuel riding through the streets of Havana in a goat-drawn carriage. Los Zafiros is an enchanting must-see film, rich with music, history and culture.

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